Group / Package of 2 group sea dives for certified divers (two shore dives in the same day, incl full equipment)

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Group / Package of 2 group sea dives for certified divers (two shore dives in the same day, incl full equipment)



A minimum of 5 days before the selected date is required for the discounted price otherwise pick the Local price.

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Package of two group sea dives for certified divers (in the same day, incl full equipment) 
Every Wednesday and Saturday

The package of group dives is ideal for certified divers who have dived recently and can join a group of divers with different levels of experience.

Dive site

Our dive center is based just next to the sea. Our local dive site is full of different fish, octopus and more with crystal water and very good visibility at max depth 17m.
Shore diving is an affordable and adventurous way to explore the underwater world. The appeal of shore diving is often its flexibility and convenience without the need for boat logistics, the sites can be visited at most times of day.
Our dive site is ideal for all sorts of dive training, novices, divers who need refresh and advanced divers.
Slow and easy entry from the beach, where we meet a sandy flat plateau from 0-5m depth, pool like conditions, where we can practice our breathing, swimming and buoyancy which is important and safe for novices and divers who haven't dived for a while.
Less than 5 min swimming from our entry point and passing the plateau is following a slow and gentle slope up to 12-13 m where we meet a second plateau up to 17-18m deep.  There among others you can see replicas of Greek statues standing on the seabed, an excellent spot for photos.
The dive site bottom is composed of sand, rock, sea grass and Posidonia oceanica fields. The underwater life is surprisingly rich for a shore dive.
Typical aquatic life while diving in Kos: octopus, rockfish, scorpion fish, nudibranchs, macro life, schools of fish, all kinds of breams, triggerfish, stingrays, cuttlefish, small groupers, lionfish and much more.
Occasional sightings of amberjacks hunting out in the blue, small tunas and Mediterranean barracudas.
Some species that you will be able to observe are unique to our sea (endemic species) and some of them Lessepsian immigrants from the Red sea.


  • Package of two group guided shore dives.
  • Full diving equipment ( fins, mask, wet suit, BCD, regulator, tank, weights, not dive computer)

Know before you book

  • Duration: 3-4 hours (half day)
  • max six (6) divers
  • approx. 50 min each dive or less if one of the divers reach 50 bars of air in your tank
    Max depth 17-18m
    About an hour surface interval between the dives 
  • Bookings from divers who haven't dived recently and haven't logged enough dives, able to follow safely a group dive, will be upgraded to Private package or cancelled.
  • Online bookings other than Wednesday and Saturday will be cancelled.
  • For certified divers we offer only guided shore dives. We do not offer boat dives
  • As soon as we receive your online payment we'll email you back with appointment details
  • You can choose any day and the appointment is normally 0915 at our shop or later if there is no availability in the morning group 
  • All our dives and courses are booked and paid in advance online or at our dive shop depending on the next availability
  • A minimum of 5 days before the selected date is required for the discounted online price otherwise pick the Local price
  • There is no discount if you bring and use your own diving equipment
  • Better to ask for availability before online booking
  • All prices are subject to change without notice and are based on the availability


  • Open water diver certification  or equivalent diving certification or higher 
  • Adults only, non adults can participate our Private package
  • Logged dive in the last 12 months, min 10 logged dives
  • Diver Medical-Participant Questionnaire. You should read it carefully and answer all questions.You can find it and download it below
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