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Kostas Marmarinos - Kos Divers Founder

Back in 1991 three local diving instructors Kostas, Kalle and Mattias decided they wanted to open their own scuba diving center in Kos island, Greece and after working together for many years, Kos Divers finally opened its doors to the public in 2003.

14 years later and still maintaining the same enthusiasm for sharing the underwater world with divers old and new, Kostas finds himself as the established owner of a dynamic and successful PADI 5* Diving Center, Kos Divers!

  • PADI, technical diving and DAN courses

    Tauchen auf Kos - Duiken op Kos

    The majority of our time is spent on recreational scuba diving courses. With us you can take PADI courses which are accepted all over the world. PADI stands for Professional Association of Diving Instructors and is the largest diving association in the world.

    The last years we try to grow Technical diving running IANTD technical courses and dives. DAN courses and services are also available in Kos divers with the aim of increasing the knowledge and sense of responsibility of recreational divers.

    By choosing a PADI course, you can be sure you are getting the highest standard of knowledge and instructors, as well as the best course manuals and diving equipment.

  • Why we started diving...

    Tauchen auf Kos - Duiken op Kos

    At Kos Divers our philosophy is to always remember why we started diving, to maintain our enthusiasm for sharing the underwater world with others and to offer a life changing and enjoyable experience. We continuously provide inspiration and education to the next generation of "Kos divers".

    Kos Divers is
    * PADI 5* Diving Center
    * Lifeguard training facility
    * Dan training center

Contact Information


  • Kipriotis Village, Psalidi, Kos


  • Niriides Beach hotel, Psalidi, Kos


  • Main office:+30 22420 21553
  • Questions:+30 693 2155422
  • Fax:+30 22420 21553


  • Support: info@kosdivers.com



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2017 summer season
  • Last diving day for the season will be 23/10/17.
  • For the period 17 - 23 /10/17 ask for availability before online booking
  • Book online until 1/1/2018 and get the best possible price for 2018! (Limited)