Why Do Divers Dive

Why Do Divers Dive

  • Saturday, 10 October 2015 14:26
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Why Do Divers Dive (Mark Gale - Padi DM)

I can't speak for all divers but its fair to say like most people my life has had its ups and downs good times and bad.
I have spent years since leaving the armed forces going from job to job trying find that mythical place where you live to work and not work to live. It turns out that place for me is somewhere I originally visited at the age of 16 not long after leaving school its the open water as a scuba diver. Maybe if the training organisation I was with in the UK all those years ago had DSD programs like the one I did 3 years ago with Kos Divers my life would have taken a different route. I guess I will never know the answer to that question even though may occasionally ask my self what if. But thats just life at the end of the day its no good saying if wish I did when I didn't. I believe the path we tread leads us to the people we are today maybe if I hadn't walked the path I chose to then I wouldn't be sat here today writing this now. Since those few DSD Dives Ive gone on to become a professional diver Ive trained up to the level of Dive Master so far and Ive started working in the diving industry. My health and fitness have improved and I no longer get up in the morning and dread going to work for the first time in years I look forward to it.

Diving Is My Therapy

The reasons I dive are many and varied but it has a lot to do with the fact that instant my head drops below the surface any problems I may be dealing with dissolve I become completely focused on my dive and nothing else. I feel free and at my most calm in the water sometimes before I get in to the water in fact. Quite often the site of the ocean on the horizon and knowing I am going to dive is enough to make me take a deep breath and just relax.There always seems to be something new to see and even if there isn't to be so close to the marine life is for me can be an exhilarating and amazing experience. I also get a great sense of achievement when I can see that others get their own physical and emotional rewards from diving. This is more so when they have never tried SCUBA Diving before or perhaps had a bad experience in the water. Sometimes they start out a little nervous, a little exited or maybe even down right petrified. However Ive yet to see anyone that comes out of the ocean with anything less than a big smile on their face and talk of wanting to do more of the same. To be honest it would take me a lot more than a blog entry for me to explain why I dive I could probably write a book on the subject if I wanted to. All that said and done though it would be a terrible book because I'm a diver not a writer.

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